Saffron and its benefits

Saffron, Kesar or Zaffran is all the same.  Also known as miracle herb.



The tiny red thread-like strands are the stigma from a small, purple crocus. It is the world’s most expensive spice. it is so expensive because each crocus flower provides only three stigmas that are picked and dried by hand during short yearly flowering seasons.

To produce one ounce of saffron it takes tens of thousands of individual strands.  The good news is that a little goes a long way.  One or two threads can add flavour and colour to an entire pot of rice. In fact, too much can make food bitter.

When you see a large quantity of saffron at a reasonable price it is likely fake. Saffron, being so expensive has had clever marketers create imitation saffron in a big way around the world.  One of the big imitators are safflower petals because they look a little like saffron but are lacking the flavour of the real thing.

The name saffron comes from an Arabic word Zaffran.

Health Benefits

  • Crocus compound present in saffron acts as anti-depressant when consumed regularly in prescribed quantities.
  • Strengthen the heart
    – Control cholesterol
    – Build immunity
    – Improve vision, memory and blood circulation
    – Ease cough and asthma
    – Heal the skin and enhance its texture
    – Detoxify the body
    – Reduces inflammations and fevers
    – Alleviates depression
    – Clams nervousness and anxiety
    – Regulates menstruation

Where to Buy saffron ?

You can get saffron at your nearest supermarket. Or you can order it [amazon_textlink asin=’B01DQHWL32′ text=’online’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’tandurasti-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’90a5942e-b44a-11e8-9749-3b194806dd11′] as well.