This is how Anna Heinrich plans on being wedding ready

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“For me, it’s a head to toe approach.”

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They’re the celeb couple Australia was waiting to get engaged. Now Anna Heinrich has revealed her and former The Bachelor Tim Robards have set a wedding date.

“It’s next year. That’s all we’re saying for now,” she tells myBody+Soul.

While the specifics of the big day are a secret, her fitness, nutrition and beauty regime is thankfully not, for her fellow brides.

“It’s my fitness and nutrition I will amp up more than anything else. I always try to feel as healthy as possible. It’s when Tim is away that I eat most of the chocolate,” she laughs.

Heinrich who follows her fiancé’s 7:2:1 eating plan – which means 70 per cent super clean, 20 per cent sensible and 10 per cent relaxed – admits to fasting when her body needs it.

I do fast. It’s not something I’m extremely strict on. I take each day as it comes. In the morning I’ll have a green tea, lemon water or coffee, and some days I might not eat until 11am or 12noon. But other days, I’ll wake up hungry, so I’ll eat then. I take it as it comes.”

Unlike other brides, looking to tone their arms, or slim down their waist, Heinrich’s approach is more about the long game.

“If I have a shoot, or a big event, I don’t think to myself ‘I really have to knuckle down’. It’s about maintaining.

“I don’t feel like I have a problem area. For me, it’s head to toe approach. I focus on my general wellbeing and health, rather than one area.”

The 30-year-old reveals there is one thing that is making her “fitter by the day” – and it’s Infinite Cycle.

Heinrich is an ambassador for the indoor cycling craze about to take Sydney by storm, with special technology bikes that see riders burn 20 per cent more calories than a regular spin class. (That’s a lot!)

“Everything you get with an outdoor bike, you get with this. It’s like you’re on the road, and the bike will move with you. It also allows you to track your stats, and see your progress,” Heinrich explains.

There will be three different types of classes: a 45-minute tour experience which will take you on race courses around the world, a 30-minute intense sprint class for the time poor, and a 45-minute dance class, which Heinrich says she’ll meet her girlfriends to do.

The Infinite Cycle classes will be mixed with her running, boxing and TRM workouts, as well as her daily goal of hitting 10,000 steps, “I try my best. I’m generally pretty active during the day,” the former lawyer says.

As for her beauty routine? It’s regular Clear + Brilliant laser treatments and Oral B teeth whitening for the bride-to-be. Explains that eternal outer glow.

From late October, Sydney’s CBD (247 Pitt St) and Waterloo (1037 Bourke St) will host the first two Infinite Cycle studios, with additional sites set to be announced in the coming months across Australia’s East Coast.

Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich share their top fitness tips for BW Magazine.

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