This water bottle tells you when to drink and we’re obsessed

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Find it hard to keep hydrated during the day? Or just don’t know how much you’re actually drinking? Welcome to the future! Water bottle company, EQUA, is currently in the process of releasing the first ever smart water bottle.

The bottle is not only super slick (hello marble top and rose gold accents), it reminds users when it’s time to take a sip of water by subtlety glowing. It also tracks overall water intake through Bluetooth and smart technology. Cool, hey?

The deal is quite simple really, you download the EQUA app and connect your water bottle through Bluetooth. The app asks your age, weight, height and how active you are to get an indication of how much water you should be consuming. When you drink, the app knows and will keep calculating until you’ve reached your desired goal each day.

“As little as two per cent of loss in our body’s water content can result in dehydration,” explains Co-Founder and CEO of EQUA, Anze Miklavec. “This can lead to health related issues such as headaches, lack of concentration and irregular digestion.

“One of the observations the EQUA team made was that more than half of their users have experienced unreasonably low energy levels, poor performance in their workplace and headaches at the end of the day.

“Those were consequences of people not drinking enough water and/or not spreading their water consumption regularly throughout their day.”

I’ve been using the bottle as my office drinking companion for about a week. I’m guilty of getting engrossed with work and forgetting to drink. The tracker has made me a lot more accountable for my hydration and has unleashed my competitive side, ensuring I power through those 2 litres. It’s also changed my drinking habits, as most days I’ll have consumed my daily intake by the time I leave the office, which means anything I drink in the night is an extra hydration bonus.

Those who can’t live without their Fitbit or are obsessed with tracking their sleep, will love this.

The bottle has been launched globally via a Kickstarter campaign running until June 28. During this time customers can get the bottle for a discounted price.

You can check it out here, while I continue hydrating.

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